October 7th, 2008

Merge #20

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You could say that the next issue of Merge is about ourselves, or at least about the business we’re in. What would be more appropriate when heading for the 20thissue-celebration than focussing on the core of publishing? The very arteries that transmit knowledge, knowhow, even (dare we suggest) the know-it-all to all those who do know, as well as those who don’t?

Merge # 20 focuses on DISTRIBUTION. We have set our minds on scrutinizing hardcore neoliberal interests that masquerade as Friendly Fred, while filling a global society with identical films, fine art, furniture and frustration. We take a deep dive into the art scene in the outskirts of the Commonwealth, and partake thereby in the global spread of local agendas. Furthermore, we remind you of the days of Mr Music, an era when music distribution could equal getting cassettes in the mail.

Distribution is not only about sharing, dealing out and scattering, as the first entries in the dictionary inform us; the concept also means arranging, classifying and dividing into parts. Merge prefers overlapping arrangements and classifications that are unstable enough to open up for new divisions of its parts. Consequently, we will distribute to you an issue with texts and images that withdraws fixed categorizations and merge into new fields of art and knowledge.

Dear readers: Fasten your seatbelts. You are soon to be propelled through the rhythmical pulse of Merge # 20, the magazine with the most heart-throbbing layout that was ever spread over the world.

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